REVIEWS ARE IN:: dance of the holy ghosts

REVIEWS ARE IN:: dance of the holy ghosts

Some reviews from the successful run of

Marcus Gardley’s dance of the holy ghosts…


“…and chandra thomas, as Oscar’s valiant daughter and Marcus’ doting mother, offer[s] [a] sensitive performance that often reveal a kind of music in the text.”

~ Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun


“Darlene (chandra thomas) and Marcus (Sheldon Best) are the two most vivid examples of this notion. thomas, appearing first as the bouncy sprightly little girl whose daddy can do no wrong, later morphs into a strong woman raising a boy on her own who has found all the flaws of that very same father and triumphed in spite of them. thomas’ portrayal of the younger Darlene is eager and energetic, bouncing with an indefatigable energy that all little girls have when they are excited to see their father.”

~ Amanda Gunther, DC Metro Theater Arts



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