“Turn Up the Volume” Guest Contributor chandra for Theatre Communication Group (TCG)

“Turn Up the Volume” Guest Contributor chandra for Theatre Communication Group (TCG)

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A leading organization on theatre and publishers of American Theatre Magazine, Theatre Communication Group (TCG) invited chandra to join the conversation on Diversity and Inclusion in the American Theatre (Gender Parity) in US theatre:

“I think we absolutely NEED gender-based theatres. I am of the school of thought though that we need theatre from as many different voices as possible. It seems that the aesthetics and stories we share become broad and generalized without a full spectrum of storytellers and creators, and the development of their specific and varied voices. As with everything, there are the drawbacks to “gender-based theatre” that we see in the New York theatre world. There can be a kind of compartmentalization of audiences as there are inevitably people who are less likely to go to a production that is produced by a specific theatre that presents works from voices different than themselves– how many times have we heard, “Oh, that play is about _______________ people; that’s not me so I won’t like it.” But even this can be reduced through well-orchestrated collaboration within the theatre community. When thinking about this and similar discussions I often reflect on something Anne Bogart (legendary director and one of the founders of SITI Company) would often say during my time at Columbia [University] which I paraphrase here: the more specific you can be in your work and in your storytelling, the more universal your reach as you will touch the foundation of humanity. It seems fitting to emphasize the power of specificity when considering these questions.”

Read the entire conversation here

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