* “chandra thomas has enough sex appeal to make the even most jaded Chelsea boy contemplate bisexuality (a hugely complementary assessment that I’d regard as suspect had I not seen it for myself).”

~ Scott Stiffler, Edge Philadelphia

* “The cast, including . . . chandra thomas, is composed of true believers, and the energy they bring to the stage is genuine and infectious.”

~ Dominic P. Papatola, St. Paul Pioneer Press

* “Superb acting. . . [chandra] is brilliant in creating the teacher, using a warm, naturalistic style. Her ability to bounce among three or four different characters and to carry on lucid conversations among them is equally impressive. Lithe and athletic, thomas introduces a vital physicality to the performance that blends dance and mime into the presentation.”

~ Tom Butler, Courier Post

* “Through it all, [chandra] thomas gives an excellent performance, alternating between the ancient grandmother’s steeliness and the young girl’s playfulness.”

~ Wendell Brock, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

* “[chandra thomas] A strong performer”

~ Rohan Preston, Star Tribute

* “And it’s a wild ride, with chandra thomas (yes, she has dispensed with capital letters) . . . at times, changing characters line by line, in fully developed, never-confusing portrayals. The two work like crazy to bring this off, in performances often involving movement that approaches choreography. Watching them is worth the evening.”

~ Howard Shapiro, The Philadelphia Inquirer

* “The principals all deliver excellent performances. . . chandra thomas embodies the longing of Sireene without making her ever appear pathetic or weak.”

~ Fred Backus,

* “As Tituba, chandra thomas gives a haunting and empathetic interpretation of a frightened immigrant woman in the grip of another culture’s superstitious hysteria.”

~ Robert A. Cohn, St. Louis Jewish Light

* “As the play progresses and Sireene is asked to become increasingly shrill, [chandra] thomas manages to add this new layer without losing our sympathy.”

~ Scott Stiffler, Edge Philadelphia

* “The youthful troupe [of PEER GYNT]. . . responds with contagious enthusiasm and energy. The production has a celebratory air. . .”

~ Ron Cohen, Backstage

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