Review: ‘Good People’… | New York Times

“The wary Kate, in many ways a child of privilege, fascinated and perhaps frightened by her husband’s exotic past in Southie, is played with winning delicacy by chandra thomas.”

10 Black Actresses to Watch | Paste Magazine

“The supremely talented actress landed a role alongside Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin in this year’s Labor Day…”

Look Who’s Next: Complete Sentences? | Black Talent TV

“Honestly, I could not stop laughing while watching Complete Sentences?…”

Talking Complete Sentences? and Off-Screen Diversity with chandra thomas | Paste Magazine

“I’ll say that the story made me think of some of Rhimes’ work—where an interracial romance is sort of peripheral to the characters, even if it’s on the audience’s mind.”

(RUS)H: Review | Edge Boston

chandra thomas has enough sex appeal to make the even most jaded Chelsea boy contemplate bisexuality (a hugely complementary assessment that I’d regard as suspect had I not seen it for myself).”

Close-Ups: Long Island’s Rising Stars | Newsday

“…Since then, she’s worked constantly onstage, on television (“The Good Wife,” “As the World Turns”) and in film.

 Radio Interview: chandra thomas | The Midnight Radio Show

“The cast, including . . . chandra thomas, is composed of true believers, and the energy they bring to the stage is genuine and infectious.”

~ Dominic P. Papatola, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Summit Spotlight: Victory Jones & the Incredible One-Man Band | Denver Theater Center

Planet Connections Film Festival 2014 Lineup | Broadway World

Planet Connections Film Festival at Paradise Factory | Backstage Pass with Lia Chang

“The incredibly bold and diverse mix of films in this year’s festival cover the spectrum of styles and genres. These ambitious filmmakers offer fresh takes on social and environmental questions that are recognizable, probing, and engaging.”

Turn Up the Volume: A Guest Blog on  Diversity & Inclusion in Theatre | Theatre Communication Group

“It is crucial that we continue to engage in these conversations and not just during designated months or in limited forums, but through regular, daily discourse and approaches. It is our brainstorming and creative problem solving and organizing of people and voices alongside our simultaneous actions that will continue to make strides to a greater gender balance in the theatre.”

Public Theater presents ‘Clybourne Park’ | The New Pittsburgh Courier

“I love when people are talking in response to the play and I love that because that’s where theater started. It was a dialogue between the audience and the actors,” explained thomas who works as an actor, writer and producer.

The Most Excellent (and Busted) Battle Reading at Playwrights Horizons | Broadway World

Two Actors, 15 Characters Deliver 90 Minutes of Fun | The News Journal

“Superb acting. . . [chandra] is brilliant... Lithe and athletic, thomas introduces a vital physicality to the performance that blends dance and mime…”

“Through it all, [chandra] thomas gives an excellent performance…”

~ Wendell Brock, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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