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a rhyme for the UNDERground

full-length solo play with music & poetry


a rhyme for the UNDERground is a solo play that follows chandra, a social researcher, as she interviews people from all over the African Diaspora on the New York City subway. While she thinks her interviewees are there to help her with her book, she quickly discovers they are actually there to save her from the precipice. The play calls on the actor to journey through 18 characters in this humorous and moving piece infused with poetry, songs, spoken word and dance.


Standing At…

short one-act with music & poetry


Set in a South Bronx beauty salon, Standing At… is a glimpse into the lives of Chantrese and Lanise, two lifelong friends struggling with their own definitions of love as one woman is surviving HIV and the other surviving her complex relationships with herself and others. Infused with music and poetry, this fresh-voiced play mixes the drama and comedy of love and life.


To Old San Juan

ten-minute play


To Old San Juan is a drama with comic undertones that takes place on an intergenerational vacation in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The play centers around Sandie, a young woman in search of her family history that has only been selectively parceled out by the older women in her family. It becomes clear that her Grannie and other family members she adores are making concerted efforts to keep the family secrets. . . secret.



short one-act with poetry & music

CAST: 5W + 1M

Standing at the door of her childhood home that she abandoned long ago, Kelia must face the people of her past and her future, as she (re)discovers what it means to stay and what it means to leave. Leaning– weaves in poetry and traditional gospel music in the characters’ journeys.


Forget to Forgive

full-length solo play with poetry & music


What do you do when police find your father walking through Harlem in shorts and a tee-shirt on the coldest day in January? If you’re Brenda, you throw a party. Forget to Forgive poeticizes, sings, dances and speechifies (yes, “speechifies”) through the entangled memories of Brenda and her father as they learn what to remember and what to forget.



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