Complete Sentences? an original comedy short

chandra is actor-writer-producer in the comedy short Complete Sentences?

Eddie and Kara have been together for years. But this morning, over brunch, Eddie finally proposes which takes this couple through unexpected twists and turns in this comedy short about love, allegiances, food and… baseball. Check out more about the film here.


Trailer: Labor Day written & directed by Jason Reitman

chandra is part of the dynamic cast of the feature film, Labor Day, starring Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, Tobey Maguire, J. K. Simmons and more.



Trailer: Sweet Lorraine written & directed by Christopher Frieri

chandra joins Tatum O’Neal, Steven Bauer, Peter Greene and more in the camp feature film Sweet Lorraine.



Trailer: Nothing Can Come From Nothing written & directed by George Sinfield

chandra and Alfredo Narcisso play new loves in this romantic short as a couple explores their budding relationship through a game of chance.



Q’s One Night Stand: The Mindreader

chandra guest stars in this award-winning webseries comedy written & directed by Terrence L. Moore.


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